Local 101 Disc Golf Players Union   August 12, 2010 at 2:57pm

Roc and Rolling Hills

When: Sunday August 29, 2010
Where: Rolling Hills County Park

Player limit: 72
Two rounds of 18 holes
Cost: $20 for all divisions.

Tournament Announcement: 1st round will be tied in with the Sunday "church" league and it will count for points in the MICPS. Thanks to Foz, Chris Gee and the Schooleys for helping to make this happen.

The tournament will have the typical divisions: Pro, AM1, AM2, etc... The MICPS points pools will be separated into two: Pro/AM1 and AM2/AM3/AM4/everyone else..

The 2nd round will be for the tournament only, no MICPS points.

We will most likely add some cash to the pro division. We will make the call based on turnout on Sunday.

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