PDGC Parma Disc golf club   July 22, 2010 at 3:33am

city walkthru

I want to thank the folks who spent their Saturday cleaning,

Tom G
Chong Y
bucket truck man
Rachele K
Chris K
Jim L
Ryan T

Its because of your hard work that the walk thru with the city went as well as it did, I have a few things to do before the city proceeds. The city will install baskets only by labor day or there about. tee pads and signs at later date, pending fund raising tourney. This is what needs done in the next few weeks....

1 Insure the baskets placements are where they should go.
2 Mark/flag hazderous trees and limbs that are ready to fall, city will fall the trees and leave stumps for benches. looking for 2x10s.
3 clear underbrush on 15,16,17
4 finish course sign door, and post club info, city info and course map created and posted.
5 remove baskets we placed, looking at Nike site for 2nd course!