Tampa Disc Slingers   July 19, 2010 at 8:57pm

Weekly Informal 8 in the Books

A warm Sunday afternoon at Buckhorn played host to the 8th Tampa Disc Slingers singles tournament. Defending champion Joe Mangrum was present to take on 4 challengers hungry to win Buckhorn's first tournament and set the club's course record. Vinny Piperato and Chris Sikes were ready to tear the course apart along with newcomers Brandon Smith and Keith Sikes.

The front 9 holes didn't cause too many problems. Nobody was able to separate from the pack early and take advantage. There was solid play throughout the competition. After 9 holes:

Vinny Piperato -3
Chris Sikes -1
Brandon Smith E
Joe Mangrum +1
Keith Sikes +7

The back 9 nine holes is where Vinny was able to keep the momentum going and slowly separate from the pack. The rest of the members played well and was able to keep their good games in tact. There were birdies on multiple holes. The only difference was the case of miscued tee shots that made the holes difficult to par. Final results:

Vinny Piperato -7
Chris Sikes -1
Brandon Smith -1
Joe Mangrum E
Keith Sikes +12

It will be very interesting to see the results when the Disc Slingers come back to Buckhorn. The date is currently to be determined.