Tampa Disc Slingers   June 7, 2010 at 9:18pm

Vinny Wins Weekly Informal 5

The Tampa Disc Slingers hosted their 5th tournament on Friday with a record number of participants. With a perfect record of 3-0 in tournament play, Vinny Piperato wins by a slim margin and retakes the coveted Vicotry Monster Trophy from defending champion Will Parson.

The brutal Florida heat played a major role in the tournament as 2 members in the playing field had to discontinue the attack on the course after playing the front 9 holes. With 5 remaining members still in the game after the front 9, only 1 stroke separted Will and Vinny with the rest of the competition trailing by 4 or more strokes. With no margin for error on either side, the two tournament winners stayed side by side until the final hole when Will ended with a double-bogey and Vinny was able to escape with a bogey. Here are the final results:

Vinny +12
Will +14
Joe +16
Mark +21
Scott +22
Tony DNF
Lashaye DNF