Tampa Disc Slingers   April 22, 2010 at 8:16pm

The Stage is set for Weekly Informal 2

This week's tournament will play host to 7 competitors. The victory monster trophy will be up for grabs. Here is the breakdown of the field:

#1 Vinny Piperato - The current champion. After adding the champion groove distance driver a week ago, his game has gone from a steady +8 to a +13 average. "I need to get that groove under control. I have no choice but to deal with the growing pains." With his average score rising and form not yet perfected, this champion is in danger of losing the crown.

#2 Joe M. - His game improvement is taking huge positive strides. Joe's last 3 recorded scores have been +21, +19, +16. He is on target for a +14 score, which is the current course record for the Tampa Disc Slingers. With no last minute form or disc adjustments, Joe is sure to bring a solid attack to the course.

#3 Chris Sikes - Another member that has been able to decrease his score. His last 3 recorded scores were +24, +22, +19. In addition the form imporvements, Chris has also added a set of top-rated discs and will use them for the first time at the tournament. If he can quickly adjust to his new arsenal, he will possess the potential to match the club course record, take home the trophy, and capture the #1 rank.

#4 Matt Massuto - He has 2 things going for him right now. The first thing is that he has gone from a score of +28 to +20 in one week. The second thing is that his attack on the course consists of any type of throw you can think of, making obstacles less difficult for Matt. There are rumors that he will purchase new discs for the tournament which will make him even more dynamic. It will be interesting to see if he can bring everything together and become a top competitor.

#6 Will Parson - Even with just 1 round of disc golf under his belt, this new member is ready to take on the competition. His arm strength and short game is projected as one of the best. With the tournament just around the corner, Will is going in with positives on his side despite an injury and minimal playing experience.

#7 Scott Artal - This will be his first time ever playing disc golf and is looking forward to making an impression on the course. With good throwing power and a decent disc inventory, Scott will attempt bring an A game and make a name for himself.

#9 Adam Wojdakowski - A former disc golf veteran that has come out of retirement to be a member of the Tampa Disc Slingers. He was said to be one of the top players in his club back in Idaho and will attempt to leave his mark at his first club event. With his disc arsenal and skill level a secret, it will be exciting to see how Adam performs in the tournament.