Disc Fanatics of Kansas   June 18, 2012 at 6:07am

Baskets Found for Tuesday League Night!

Thanks to the generosity of the DFOK players listed below, 11 baskets have been volunteered for this Tuesday's doubles league at Fairmont Park. Well done everyone!

Baskets per player.
3 = RevKev
2 = Mark (may only need 1 of them)
2 = Rick
1 = Austin
1 = Kirk
1 = Bryce
1 = Kevin C.
11 = Baskets!

This week's "Temp. Tuesday" should be a round to remember, so don't miss out!


p.s. Please keep in mind, this week's temp course will only be a partial representation of the permanent course that's in the design stage. Reason being, some vegetation (small trees & bushes) will need to be pruned or removed for the permanent course.