Team Alexander   March 6, 2010 at 6:44am

New League at Lenora

I want to remind everyone about the new league that is starting at Lenora. If this league is a success we can possibly start one at Alexander as well. If you have time look into it a bit more and try to free up your schedule. LET'S HELP CHOP OUT!!!
Here is the link for online registration. ... p_form.pdf

Course codes are as follows
LPGY300001 Men's Beginner Season 1 4/15- 6/3
LPGY300002 Men's Advanced Season 1 4/15- 6/3
LPGY300003 Women's Season 1 4/15- 6/3

LPGY300004 Men's Beginner Season 2 6/10- 8/5
LPGY300005 Men's Advanced Season 2 6/10- 8/5
LPGY300006 Women's Season 2 6/10- 8/5

LPGY300007 Men's Beginner Season 3 8/12- 9/3
LPGY300008 Men's Advanced Season 3 8/12- 9/3
LPGY300009 Women's Season 3 8/12- 9/3

Once again its Thursday night at 5:30 and the cost is $20 a season. Sign up for as many seasons as you can. I will be out at Alexander tomorrow before doubles and have signup sheets for those that don't want to sign up on line. We are still finalizing a kickoff event and the seasonal award.