The Farm House   February 16, 2010 at 6:47pm

Calling all Farm Hands

Saturday afternoon - sometime after the Sat Indy Lake league - a few of us will meet at the Pig Barn to plant some seeds. I'll have my chain saw and my discs. Tim wanted to clear a bit on the a fairway and I just like cutting stuff with my chainsaw. I'm also very interested in trying to define an initial Tiki Course - not that my putting needs any work.

We plan on having two leagues at the Farm House this Summer and need to prep the fields if we want something to grow. The "Bar" or Club House is above the Pig Pen and both will be open as well. I only have about 3 hours this Saturday but figure the Chainsaw will help release some stress and the discs will ease my soul.

Spread the word to those worthy - we'll try and do this from time to time, increasing toward the Summer, so we have a place to hang out with other Pigs & Farm hands. Anslie has an awesome place which has a lot already setup - I just saw the "Bar" in the Pig barn the other day and the other barns, walked the property with Anslie and TPills. What potential! Just a little TLC and this could be the Chill zone in the middle of the Disc Golf mecca that is being created in our area.
And Anslie even promised that if we miss being chased out of the course at dusk or watching for Carts checking wrist bands that he would get on the bull horn or cruse the course giving us ****, to make us feel at home.

Peace and may you all have green thumbs.

Just image what may grow out of this..