Old Tourney Posters   February 15, 2010 at 8:11pm

Old Tourney Posters

I added this club for disc golf geeks like me who want to see the Rivalries, Achievements, etc. from tournaments that are not posted on the Scene. I am planning on eventually adding all of "MY" old PDGA sanctioned tournaments.

I believe staff members can also add tourneys. Anyone who wants to be a staff member, please send me a message (think I need your email address also). I will only be adding people that I know well and trust will not screw up this great website. How can you screw things up?

Posting a tournament. . .
- that has already been posted
- on the wrong layouts (if unknown, maybe an "unknown layout" can be added?)
- that a TD is a little slow on posting their results. Rule of thumb of 1 month after results are PDGA "Official".
- etc.

Staff members will also probably need some basic Microsoft Excel experience.