Team Alexander   August 8, 2010 at 5:25am

Alexander Aerial Armada II news

A big THANK YOU to all 70 players for making my first TD experience a great one!
Keith Johnson
Brett Porter
Al Hause
Barry Arnson
and the whole GDGO board jumped right in and helped with the scoring as well as the side action, and cooking near the HOT grill for us all. If I missed people I'm very sorry. I wanted to congratulate all players that chose AAAII as there first tourney to play in. Let's talk a bit more about some fun results shall we.......let's see CTP hit were, hole 8 Justin Dickerson, hole 10 Scott Hazlett, hole 13 Charles Eldridge, and the GDGO sponsored CTP hole 1 Brian Grundleger. Now on the the Accuracy Event, it was a nice 170' approach Mike Curtis, Al Hause, Cody Britton, and Nathan Garner. Putting event was pretty fun and we had a pretty good putt off but in the end Keith Johnson was the victor. Keith Johnson also ACED hole 7, so we all know now he has both the long game and the short game. :D Last but not least the BIG ARM EVENT and the winner is........Matt Versola with a 585' Aerial Armada super bomb!

All of the scores will be posted soon Gerrit will be posting them with his fancy shot analysis and stuff. :mrgreen:

Once again disc golf rocks and we are all part of it. I had a great time and I can't wait till my next chance to TD another tourney!