Vancouver/Clark Disc Golf   December 9, 2009 at 4:37am

New Garbage Baskets Ordered

Thanks to the Fall League players at Leverich Park we have purchased and are awaiting delivery of a couple new garbage baskets to be place ON the course. This is a trial situation as we will have to see how much having baskets handy will help to keep the litter off the course.

The parks department has told us that they are considering pulling ALL garbage cans from the parks in Clark County and going with a pack it in/pack it out policy. This would mean that our baskets would be the only baskets in a park, and that might be a bad thing. So we will keep a close eye on how the new baskets help or hinder the amount of litter at the park.

Once the baskets arrive I plan to schedule a work day to install them and do some other maintenance around the park to help us get through the winter. Hopefully we can do another "temporary" tee pad on hole 12 like we did on hole 7 that day. I'm also considering installing a couple of new anchors to give alternate basket locations on a few holes.

Finally, the Parks Foundation is in the process of sending out sponsorship letters to our 2009 hole sponsors asking them for their 2010 donation. If any of our current sponsors don't renew we may have room to add a couple of new sponsors for 2010. If you know of a business that might be interested in sponsoring a hole at the course feel free to drop me a line.