DGR-Disc Golf Rebels   September 28, 2009 at 5:47pm


There will be a PLDGA meeting Wed. 9/30 at 6:00.
We are gonna meet at the end of the state park road just west of the swimming area in the adjacent parking lot (where the course will be constructed), to discuss the plan for tree/brush removal and to coordinate all the volunteers as to where we can work and what we can do. This way, people with different time schedules may be able to get to the park on their own to help us all get this task accomplished. Please plan on attending and bring any potential helpers with you.
Also......we only need ONE MORE HOLE sponsored!!! (plus an additional one for a practice basket)
So if anyone knows of a contact, please let me know.
See ya Wednesday.
If anyone needs info or directions, call 644-0544 or email me.
Thanks, Steve