Womens Disc Golf League of Climax, MI   September 23, 2009 at 6:01pm

New Womens league in SW MI!

This is for all the ladies out there who enjoy disc golf, want to get better, are looking to make some new friends who enjoy disc golf, or just want to get some secret practice so you can whip up on all the guys you know......

I am happy to announce the creation of the highly anticipated Womens Disc Golf League that is starting up near Kalamazoo, MI!! This is all brought to you by yours truely, "Discin Deb" Ulmark, and Bree Densmore.....

Sunday, Sept. 27th at Coldbrook Park in Climax, MI at Noon. We are going to start out doing doubles. This way there is absolutely no pressure for anyone. Women of all levels are invited to join us! The total cost will be $5/week. $3 will go to payout (this will be a cash payout every week, payout to the top third of teams), $1 will go to the ace pool, and $1 will go towards the CTP's. Deb and I will be donating everything to the CTP's. There will be a minimum of two per week. As of right now, I have enough plastic and other random merch to last quite a while. The $1 that goes towards the CTP fund is going to be put into a pot and eventually we hope to get some money saved to make our own merch, or have a party for the ladies... we will see in time how this goes. Right now we are not going to collect any dues for the club, we are going to let it build up first and see how much interest there is out there. Hopefully by spring we will be well on our way....

As said above we will be doing doubles. We plan on creating the fairest teams possible, we will split up the expereinced players and team them up with the newer players, this will be done as random as possible. I will also be doing stat tracking for this, but the points will be based for individuals. If we play in foursomes (or a sixsome) the points will be awarded as follows: 3 points for a win, 2 points for a tie, and 1 for playing. I am hoping to find some sponsorship to send the top points earners to the USWDGC for next year. Not sure about how many spots, the more the merrier!

If anyone has any ideas, questions, comments, concerns, issues, ANYTHING AT ALL- send them my way! You can hit me up on here, look for me on Facebook, or send me an email at [email redacted]. As said, I am looking for as much input as possible!

I have ideas for a club name, but am open for more suggestions! In time we will hold a vote!

No guys aloud UNLESS you wear a skirt and pay double- then and only then will we consider it!

Happy Discin!