Creekside Crawdads   June 26, 2009 at 9:34am

Cooker work party

Hey all,

In our efforts to have the Creek ready by the Cooker, after 10am tag round, any & all willing participants that can carry/drag wood, swing a shovel, run a chainsaw, etc. would be greatly appreciated. The course re-pays such generosity with tree love, good air bounces, & a limited barrier force field protecting your plastic from the abyss of the creek. Much work has been done to date, still some stuff that needs to get done. Items that need to be addressed by the Cooker, in case you haven't read the some of the more recent posts:

* Move #17 teepad
* Move #14 teepad
* Move #9 teepad
* Correct #8 teepad
* Build a 5-8' deck off the back of the concrete sewer pad behind #14 tee
* Work on steps coming down the front of #16
* Re-paint tee signs
* Raise #18 teepad, so its not under water when it rains
* Raise #5 teepad, similar reason
* minor touch-up stuff eg. clear the dead briars & thicket in between 15/16, cut the big logs on 14 fairway into more manageable sizes, possibly use for 16?
* Build a 4x4 pyramid (I think 4 or 5 courses high should work) around #17 tree stump. I'll fill the box in as the stump decays.

I'm sure other stuff will come to mind on the course, but I think the list is not so huge as to not get completed over the next 2 weeks. Many hands make light work for all involved. If you have your implements of de-forestation, please bring them. My tools have been abused by me on the course, but I will put out what I have and has not been destroyed, yet.
Not working (in the real world) the past 2 weeks has put a damper in my beverage budget, so please bring your own fluids to replace the sweat equity and glove are very handy. Have some burgers & dogs that can be done up for lunch either before the work party or after - group decision. So if you can help, please do. Thanks.