Local 101 Disc Golf Players Union   March 16, 2009 at 10:34pm

Open Letter to all who play at Independence Lake

Independence Lake County Park - Picnic Course is a beautiful property that we have the privilege of playing right now. As the weather gets nicer you will see more and more people out at the park. The majority of the people out there have no idea what disc golf is and what are these funny looking orange things all over the place. When you yell at them from a distance and tell them to move, they get confused and angry. Please know that other park patrons have just as much right to the area as we have. This is not a designated "disc golf only zone" like other parks.

If you encounter a picnic-er that is in your way, please try this approach:

Set your bag and discs down by the teepad or wherever you are. One person in your group kindly approach (up close so you don't have to yell) person/people in your way and tell them: "Hey, so we're playing this crazy game here where we thrown frisbees at these orange things that your kids are playing on. Would you kindly mind moving over to a different area for a few minutes while we play this part of the course?"

If they say "no", then please move on to the next hole and try to play it later. This course has only been in for a few months and it's future is not well known. If we get nasty complaint letters written to the Washtenaw County Parks then it will be pulled for most of the year other then for tournaments. We don't want that to happen..

Please try to play Independence Lake at times when there will be minimal non-disc golfers. If you are planning a Saturday or Sunday round on a nice day, then please try to go early or late in the day.

Just in general be nice and try to understand the point of view of the non disc golfer, who has no idea why you are out there other than to take in the scenery.

Thanks and enjoy.