Local 101 Disc Golf Players Union   January 29, 2009 at 10:43pm

Loco at the Mills

So we made some changes to Loco this year.

Here are the new details:
Name: Loco IV
Date: May 2nd
MDGO Qualifier
Location: Independence Lake Park

We no longer plan to hold this tournament at Hudson Mills. This is in no way a slight against Hudson Mills. We love Hudson Mills it is still one of the best courses in Michigan and in the running for best worldwide.

Independence Lake is our project though. We already have one course in the ground and hope to have the 2nd in before Loco. We want to show the park what this here disc golf is all about. We decided to sanction this year mainly to ensure a really good turnout. We want to fill this tournament this year. 136 players will be the cap. We will do a cashless pre-reg again. We are starting to work on sponsorship packages. Please contact [email redacted] if you or your club or your business is interested in sponsorship associated with this event.

One thing I personally felt bad about was last year how we dealt with the ladies who showed up at Loco. We had a huge turnout in the Advanced Women division, way more that any of us anticipated. Well we had planned to do this division trophy only and didn't even do a trophy. The awards ceremony was really kind of awkward, we didn't give anything out to the winner even. SO we want to make it up to the ladies this year, and we hope for the same level of turnout in this division. We did get ladies sizes in the T-shirts, and we plan to do that again.

I think we will still do AM3 as trophy only. AM2 and AM1 will play for prizes with a bigger than average players pack so the purse will not be huge.

The pro division is a different story though. At least $500 added cash but we are shooting for a much larger number. We will be working hard on fund-raising for youse pros to make this a top notch event. We can say that the pro entry fee will be the same or lower than AM1. Remember as an AM you may accept merch instead of cash to retain your AM status. We might sweeten this deal and say any AM that cashes in Pro will get double their money back in merch. It's only fair..