Local 101 Disc Golf Players Union   October 13, 2008 at 2:41am

Independence Lake - 10.19.08

## 10-12-2008 Tournament Announcement! ###

One clarification right off the bat:
This tournament will play a temporary course of 18 holes. This course is designed in the picnic areas of Independence Lake County Park. The grounds are lush and manicured. Water will be in play and baskets will be in really unique and interesting spots. Working title is the "Picnic Course"

The future permanent course at Indy will be in a different area of the park. This is more of a woods area that still will require fairways to be cleared.

We are currently at 34 players for Union N4I 2008. We will continue to accept cashless pre-reg's via email: [email redacted]

Send an email with your name, division and age. Please name the subject "Union N4I" so we can easily tell what it is for. The tournament is $40 for all divisions, and you can pay when you show up on Sunday (10.19.08)

The course will be installed on Friday afternoon. It will be in the ground for only Friday-Sunday.

Joe Anttila will be running a Saturday Doubles at the Indy Lake temp course at Noon. This is the first (semi) official Saturday doubles of the winter league. It will move at Hudson Mills for the subsequent weeks.

Some good news on the added cash front, CJs sounds interested in some course donations as well as some possible added cash for the pros.

Recent discussions with the park have been very positive. We should have a great course out there within the next year, and the immediate quality of it depends somewhat on Nov 4, 2008. If you live in Washtenaw County, you can vote in this 10 year millage renewal which Independence Lake County Park will rely on to continue to bring new activities to people. Proposal A. Disc Golf is one of those things that the parks see as a positive year round activity. Dedicated clientele of winter coat and goggle wearing crazies that throw frisbies in the snow.. We recently had Jim Kenner out to see the land and offer his expert opinion. Josh Romine will be getting to work soon to layout holes for the permanent course.

We have the caddy books printed, the minis are here and look sweet. Really looking forward to a good day for Independence Lake. We hope to be able to raise over $1000 for the new course. This money will go directly to purchasing baskets for the Indy Lake permanent course. $5 of all players entry fees will go to the course donation and the 101 will match that $5 so a total of $10 per player will go the course.

The 101 will have sponsorship forms for the new permanent course. These forms will outline 3-4 different levels of sponsorship. On the table: Having your name on a hole sign. Benches sponsorship, where your name is engraved on a plaque on the bench. Sign sponsorship, where your name is on the disc golf welcome sign. So basically we're putting names all over the place, but we want to show future players who was there to help when this course went in..