Ypsi Dubs 2012 Fall Folly - ~={CHURCH}=~   November 2, 2012 at 4:41pm

Ypsi Dubs Winter league starts this Sunday

This Sunday begin the Ypsi Dubs Winter season and points accumulation for Ypsi Dubs. So if your hoping to get your name on the Ypsi Dubs plague in the lodge be ready to start earning points this Sunday.

Last Winters results as a reminder:

Overall standings
Player Points
1 Sam Smith 274
2 Ron Howard 234
3 Chilly Chillson 200
4 Pat Burke 170
5 Jim (JD) Daniels 160
6 Michael Frame-O Frame 156
7 Ken Mango 142
8 Ken Parks 128
8 Ben Ciccarelli 128
10 Marcos Aguilera 120

Of course we are part of the DGLA Michigan Cooperative Point Series Winter 2013 and that starts Nov 18th so you still have time to "warm-up" for those rounds and ensuring you rack up as many points as possible so you can represent and be the Michigan Disc Golf League Winter Champion. Sam Smith took it last year and represented.

Overall standings
Player Points
1 samuel smith 702
2 Jay Binienda 689
3 Doug Watson 564
4 Jerry "Chilly" Chilson 560
6 Ron Howard 552
7 Ken Mango 532
8 Marcos Aguilera 516
9 mark ellis 506
10 Jim Daniels 492

It's great that we have so many from Ypsi Dubs Church top 10 on the MiCPS-W top ten - Must be something in the holy water.....

Look forward to seeing everyone at Church. Peace