D.O.R.C.s (Day Of Rest Crew)   October 21, 2012 at 11:38pm

D.O.R.C.s "news"

As a free thinking, fun loving, functioning member of society I have involved myself in the Salem area disc golf community to share the joy I have found in the sport, NOT to improve my popularity with disc golf players at the expense of my family and friend. Although my family and friends have paid for my efforts by me not being available. I think I have been successful. I have donated hundreds of hours to course development, I have generated hundreds of dollars in sponsorship money for local events (mostly CCDG), and paid to play in divisions I knew I was outclassed just to be able to witness the greatest shots of the game.

Now I see I must internalize my usefulness more. That is why I will be the ONLY person able to post "news" on this league from now on.

If you don't like D.O.R.C.s , don't view this page!

Thank you, "BEAST" the one and only, AKA, chump ass beyotch