2012 Tuesday Twos   August 8, 2012 at 7:15pm

Week 17

46 players enjoyed a beautiful summer evening at Orchard Park this week. Brody Cannon and Nigel Rutigliano were nearly perfect with a -17, holding off Matthew Hill and Steve Ellis who were right behind with -16.

Ben Gookin won the $44 ace pot by hitting hole 3.
The Next Adventure Random Ace was hole 2.
The Rainy Day Games Secret Score was -6.

Hole 1: James Szlavich won a golf towel donated by Next Adventure.
Hole 3: Ben Gookin won a Tuesday Twos Katana donated by Harvest Community Church.
Hole 4: Andrew Stachowiak won a Larson Surpirse (Sham-wow!).
Hole 5: Andrew Stachowiak won a DGA Squall donated by Rainy Day Games.
Hole 7: Roy Black won a Larson Surprise (glow in the dark glasses).

The top three race is still a tight one, with Chris Kuhlman edging his way past Andrew Nava for third place.

Our playoff line is set - 18 players will make the playoffs on the final week.
Don't forget - everyone is eligible to play in the final week. We will run two pools; one for playoff teams and one for everyone else.

Thanks to our great sponsors for week 16: Rainy Day Games, Next Adventure, Play It Again Sports, Bentley Baskets, Harvest Community Church, and Jeff Larson. See you next week.