The Real Disc Golf League of the OC   June 29, 2012 at 7:47am

Lions, Tigers, and Ponies... Wait did they say ponies???

Well it was safari night tonight, and no we were not high when we made these holes... well maybe on bath salts. We did enjoy some good face afterwards. With only a few select people that actually got to see the course due to the fact that they were the only ones we could contact, we saw some pretty good rounds. After leagues, we had a heated discussion about PDGA ratings for the second night in a row! Just kidding, we drank beer and had a jolly good time, but enough about things we don't care about and lets get into some action.

In the Open division we finally saw someone other than Terry or Horsman win. Mark Klug shot a good -9 to make Horsman look more like a Ponyman. Matt still shot a good -7 even though I'm positive that he said the course intimidated him.

Mike Klug ruled over the semi pro division with a -9, though if we would have gone by the card, which had 19 holes on it for some reason, he would have scored a -10. Abendschein has only 18 holes, gentlemen! There is no tee for this supposed "front" hole. Maybe they threw at the practice basket from somewhere and counted it on accident, but we're disappointed that the other players on his card only managed to get 3's on this mystery hole! There were two people that tied for second in this division, but this paragraph is already too long to mention them. Could we have not typed that last sentence and had ample room? Probably.

The advanced division saw a tie for first this week, with Dan Bertzyk and Kory Banaszynski each putting up -4. This division is going to come down to the wire, so these guys better have the eye of the tiger (which you would see on safari, get it?) on double points night.

Kayla Schweitzer continued to dominate the womens division with a +6, and barring a minor miracle will become the champion of this division in seven days. Jimmy Finley won the juniors division with a +7, but this division race will be decided on the epic double points night. Unfortunately, we are all out of jokes at this point. We b tired and a lil krunk. We'll catch you next week.

-Scott and Gary