The Real Disc Golf League of the OC   June 22, 2012 at 8:16am

WEEK 6... What we can only throw 2 discs!!!

Well it was week 6 and MOST of us knew that meant 2 disc night. We definitly picked a great night as the the winds appeared to get stronger as the night continued but that didn't stop us. Wow... this is really hard to write as we watch this total humiliation of the NBA finals (stupid Labron). Let's get into some action.

In the open division Terry Miller took first yet again with a -12. Will somebody please beat this guy *cough* Horseman. He still shot alright though, taking second with a -8. Mike Finley was not too far behind shooting -7.

That brings us to the semi-pros. Dustin Skorupinski took the top spot shooting -6.Second was a tie for the second week in a row. Why can't you guys just shoot different scores, it's not rocket science. It was taken by Mike Hopfensperger and Mike Klug each throwing a -5.

In our largest division, the advanced division, a big three way tie for first at -4. First off, read the above statement guys. Second, we barely made it through typing a two the last tie, do you honestly think we are gonna attemp three names. But there were some guys who beat some other guys I assure you.

The ace pool was hit by two players again this week. Kurt Ziarnik hit his second ace in the league and Al Gilgenbach hit his first. A huge thanks goes out to Matt Horsman and Pandamonium to sponsor some fantastic CTPs. Can you say mini CTP??? Also we finally got a date for when the park is going to close.

We have been talking about maybe doing some more of a less formal type of thing on Thursday nights like random draw doubles or dirty dollar rounds. We need to do it big as our Abendschien park get a little bit of a face lift.

Well two disc night is done and over with and there were some rumbles asking if we would be doing anything else different. Can I hear a quiet whisper calling out Safari Hole Night?!! See ya all next week.

-Scott and Gary