Scarboro Hills/Churchville Point Series   June 21, 2012 at 12:21am

Changes to the Rules and a Travel Day to Buchmiller set for July 1st

Rule Changes
1. Ace Pot- The Point Series/Tags Ace Pot will now work like the Tuesday Night Doubles Ace Pot

2. Churchville Rec Rounds- We will play Churchville Rec (weather permitting) every three months on the last Sunday of that month
July 29th
October 28th
January 27th
April 28th

3. Double Point Day- DPD will happen twice a year instead of every two months
September 23rd at Scarboro Hills (Ravens vs. Patriots @ 8:30)
April 28th at Churchville Rec

Travel Day
Tags will be at D.F. Buchmiller Park in Lancaster on July 1st. 10 o’clock start time