2012 Tuesday Twos   June 14, 2012 at 2:39pm

Week 9

52 players were not scared off by a rain shower right before the round and enjoyed near perfect throwing conditions at Orchard Park. Steve Ellis and Brody Cannon took advantage of the calm weather and shot a near-perfect -17, fighting off three teams that shot -16.

There were no aces this week. The Next Adventure Random Ace was hole 3.
The Rainy Day Games Secret Score was -7 and was claimed by Matthew Hill, Michael Starns, Carlos Garcia, Kevin Brito, Alex Seaman, Tony Teach, Aaron Usserly, and Andrew Stachowiac.

Hole 1: Nick Marshall won a golf towel donated by Next Adventure
Hole 6 (Long Putt): Carlos Garcia won a Champion Starfire donated by Rainy Day Games
Hole 7: Luis Nava won the Larson Surprise (small golf bag)

And just like that, we are halfway through the regular season. Keep an eye on the standings as players work their way up the leader board to make their way into the playoffs.

Thanks to our great sponsors Rainy Day Games, Next Adventure, Play It Again Sports, Bentley Baskets, Harvest Community Church, and Jeff Larson.