Wickham Tuesday Handicap League   June 10, 2012 at 3:29am

results w/Handicap for 5/8/12


Light to steady rain the whole round. 10 brave souls came out to play the course. I was not one of them.

Ace pot still stands
$61 ($49 for pot $12 for post season party)

Course fund $61

CTP hole 16 BUC coffee mug donated by Alto or maybe it was BUC and delivered by Alto. Rob Gross.

CTT hole 3 section of hose designed to beat a team wick player and specimen vial donated by JJ. won by Mike B. about a foot or 2 off the tee. Unfortunately, he did not pass the first set of trees.
We played the standard 18, only 6 for $ and 4 for HC.

The winners:

1st Rob Caruso 65-12=53 $20
2nd Abel 60-6=54 $10
------------almost $----------
B Carter 61 with HC

10/36 Abel 60
11/45 Pat Pat 64
15/* Rob C 65
25/71 Carter 67
35/78 DMack 68
43/129 Mike B 68
53/* Buford 70
54/130 Alto 73 (injury on 1st hole decided to keep playing)
55/133 Rob Gross 74

The park is now closing at 8:00 which gives us a little more flexibility with the last group heading out. I will have the last group head out around 5:15 unless you contact me the day of or prior to the day. The last group could most likelly go out at 5:30 if need be and still make it out of the park before 8:00. In that case we will do everything at Marco's afterwards. Otherwise if time is on our side I will do payouts and tag distribution in the parking lot. Those interested can head to Marco's afterwards.

On rainy days the park might not be open until 8:00. Unless they have a function, when the weather is bad they will close early. Last night it was 6:00. In those situations we will meet at Marco's and trickle off hole 8. Alway check at the gate about closing time when the weather is questionable. I will try to contact the park on really wet days and post here with the word. I will not always know prior to league if they are staying open. Sometimes I will find out when I'm pulling in (btw 4:00 and 4:30). Thanks for your understanding.

Hope the weather is dry next week and the golfers are out in large numbers!


PS I will not be able to run league on May 22. I have a CE that day and will not get out in time. If anyone wants to run it that day drop me a line and I will get you the new HC and payout list.