2012 Tuesday Twos   May 31, 2012 at 5:44am

Week 7

We had a great evening of sunny skies and light wind and the lower scores really showed up. Xander Waibel and Craig Falkowski were the hot shooters of the night at -17, thanks in part to Xander's ace on hole 8. Casey Morris and Nick Marshall were right behind with a hot -16.

Hole 1: Larson Surprise (baseball bat pizza cutter) won by Carlos Garcia
Hole 4: Golf towell donated by Next Adventure won by Jamie Brown
Hole 5: Tuesday Twos Blizzard Boss donated by Harvest Community Church won by Giacamo Dore.
Hole 9 (Long putt): Star Ontario Roc donated by Bob Cabal won by Jason Pinkal.

The Next Adventure Random Ace was hole 8 and went unclaimed this week. Sorry Xander!
The Rainy Day Games Secret Score was -10 and was won by Jeff Hall, Chris Kuhlman, Alex Seaman, Will Odom, Karl Denfeld, and Scott Hill.

Thanks to our great sponsors Next Adventure, Play It Again Sports, Rainy Day Games, Jeff Larson, Harvest Community Church, Bentley Baskets, Luis Nava, and Bob Cabal! Thanks also goes out to all of the great people who come out to Orchard Park every Tuesday evening. See you next week!