The Real Disc Golf League of the OC   May 26, 2012 at 7:19am

The week between week 1 and week three, which one is that again??

The second week of our league has now come and gone, and we already feel like grizzled veterans of the league-running game! Nah, just kidding, but we're getting a decent handle on this here thang. We had a better turnout this week. We don't know the exact number (because we're just too lazy to count right now) but it's more than last week, that much is certain. Many of us could've filed a harassment lawsuit against the blustering winds, but it calmed down some time during the round and all of our excuses for poor throws went out the window. On to the business at hand...

Opening with the open division (yuk yuk), this dude named Matt Horsman, who is a champion or something like that, keeps the rest of the division at bay with another excellent round of -13. Newcomer Kurt Ziarnik followed in his wake with a nice -8. Some other guys played and didn't do as well as those first two guys, but they played with a lot of heart!

The semi-pro division came back down to Earth for week two, but still posted respectable scores. Leading the way was Justin Lau with a -6, followed by Dustin Skorupinski with -4. After getting spurned by the waitstaff at BW3 the night prior, Andy Kintop took that rage and turned it into $4 towards some great merchandise from our good friend Terry Miller at Lifetime Disc Sports. Maybe he can put that funny money toward a disc that he can throw at the waiter (or maybe a hot waitress) to finally get their attention!

Advancing to the advanced division (sorry about that), "Wolfman" Pete Moll set the standard with -5. Josh Koch and Steve Franke were nipping at his heels with -4. The standings in this division promise to stay close for the whole season, so these players will have to bring their GPA 4.0 game from here on out!

In the womens division, Kristin Scott (great last name by the way, one of my personal favorites) finished with +8 and saw her competition arrive with her arm in a sling from kicking so much butt last week. That's probably not the origin of her injury, but we wish her the best in her recovery... even though she can still throw with her good arm ;) I'm sure she is eager to return and dominate her division once again!

Jimmy Finley laid down the law in the junior division with a +3, even outscoring one of our open division competitors (we're looking at you, dad). We kid around, but it's great to see the competition within the families. Sage Lau was a close second with +5.

The ace pool was drained by Matt Horsman, which by his description was 99% due to the whipping winds. We disagree, and as a token of our admiration for an ace on such a windy day, we are going to award him the $2 accidentaly shorted him by the league administrators who supposedly have accounting degrees. Oops!

In the CTP, we had an early shot parked within inches by Mike "Pepper" (not gonna try to spell your last name) which forced the rest of the field to make a run at the basket with a couple close throws but no chains. Mike Hopfensperger (thank goodness for copy and paste lol) walked away with a nice Crystal Z Buzz with a sweet GMO 2012 stamp courtesy of Terry Miller.

As week two fades into our memories, week three is on the horizon. With it comes a new day, hopefully some better weather, and a chance for any player to make their mark in this league in any given week. Week 4 will be double points night, so those with the desire for a trophy can make a big come-up in a short amount of time. We hope to see the same faces as well as some new ones as the Real Disc Golf League of the OC rolls along. We are also kicking around the idea of a ladies night, which would net extra points toward a championship. Have a great week, and we will see you on Thursday!

-Scott and Gary