ABDG Glow 2012   May 22, 2012 at 5:36pm

New Time change, new aces!

Obviously the days are getting longer so I didn't need to announce that league will be starting around 9:00. Sorry to those of you that need to get up early but, its glow golf not dusk golf. That being said. Congrats on Jason Hardin and Aaron Stewarts aces on hole 3 at vance. splitting the ace pot on a worthy hole. I saw Jasons and it was heads up and his first trow of the night, and one of his first trows after healing from a shoulder injury. very nice way to get back on track. Also I want to announce there is a mix up on scores from the previous 2 weeks that I was gone. I will figure it out and get them posted ASAP. But until then see you all on the course.