2012 Tuesday Twos   May 2, 2012 at 8:56pm

Week 3

Cooler weather and a bit of wind kept the scores pretty high last night, but it didn't bother Stephen Sines and Craig Falkowski who shot a hot -16 to edge out Kevin O'Brien and Sean Fry for first place. Not quite a sell out, but we had a nearly full house with 49 players.

Hole 3: Sean Fry won a TT stamped Leopard donated by Harvest Community Church
Hole 4: Will Odom won the Larson Surprise (a sweek viking hat)
Hole 5: Jason Hicks won a golf towel donated by Next Adventure

Long Putt:
Hole 9: David Zimmerman won disc golf DVD donated by Rainy Day Games and a box of marshmallow peeps (that lasted about 20 seconds) donated by Karl Denfeld.

No aces this week. The Next Adventure random ace of the week was hole 2. Our ace pot sits at $101.
The Rainy Day Games secret score was -17 and went unclaimed.

Thanks to all of the great players who made week 3 possible. Thanks also to our awesome sponsors for week 3:
Karl Denfeld
Harvest Community Church
Jeff Larson
Next Adventure
Rainy Day Games
Play It Again Sports

See you next Tuesday!