Rickey Weeks Putting League   February 22, 2012 at 7:12am

01FEB12_Ricky Miles North Bar - Wednesday Night Putting League

****Ricky Miles North Bar****

Come join us on 2/1/12 6:30pm

Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to thank everybody who has come out to Ricky Miles Bar to Putt.

Couple of notes:

**1/18/12 somebody left a black Putter sitting on the table near the score table. I have it, if you want it back please contact me and we can make arrangements.


Feb 1st we tried a singles format and everything seemed to work great. We will continue this format as long as we have less than 24 players, more than 24 players and we will switch to Doubles format.

Afterwards we do a game of Singles, single-elimination or double-elimination. This is an exciting format!

Three weeks ago Wallo battled Michalak in the finals but Wallo was too much and took home the cash.

Two weeks ago Schulte and Gary Laura battled in the finals. Josh missed his first putt and didn't miss another one after that taking home the cash.


Ricky Miles North: address is 350 E 14 Mile Rd Madison Heights

Hope to see you this week!

Throw for show, Putt for doe!