Rickey Weeks Putting League   January 27, 2012 at 5:18am

Ricky Miles North Bar - Wednesday Night Putting League

Ricky Miles North Bar

Come join us on 2/1/12 6:30pm

Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to thank everbody who has come out to Ricky Miles Bar to Putt.

Couple of notes:

Last week 1/18/12 somebody left a black Putter sitting on the table near the scor table. I have it, if you want it back please contact me and we can make arrangments.

Last night, somebody left two putters sitting on a table near the bathrooms. Again, I have them so please contact me.


Random draw doubles has been working out great, we are finishing 4 games and playoffs before 8:30pm.

Afterwards we do a game of Singles, single-elimination or double-elimination. This is an exciting format!
Three weeks ago KT took home the $$$. Wallo had KT against the ropes but couldn't hang on. KT caught fire in the last couple of frames and took home the $$$.

Last week JoeG and 2J battled it out in a double elimination match. 2J won the first game in the Finals but JoeG won the second game to take home the $$$.

This week JoeG and Schulte made the finals in a single elimination bracket. The focused Schulte made every putt that needed to be made and took home the $$$.


If i can get things working for next week, we could be doing a singles format.

3 courts, four games and playoffs.

Ricky Miles North: address is 350 E 14 Mile Rd Madison Heights

Hope to see you this week!

Throw for show, Putt for doe!