Bad Ace Travelling Winter Handicap Series   January 20, 2012 at 6:44pm


Im not 100% what the course looks like with all the rain and flooding, but We are playing come hell or high water, All water will be casual, so come prepared for getting wet, and you may just have to lay up from time to time. I will be there extra early to make some executive decisions on layout and what not... And KYLE will be there to serve up some tasty Sausage Dogs for $4 or for $5 you get bag of chips and a soda. Also Kyle is going to be serving them throughout the first round, so when you make the turn you can grab a dog on your walk out! See you all there, and don’t forget 1st place is still worth 50 points regardless of who shows up, so come on out and prove you are a true BAD ACE Winter Golfer who doesn’t care about a bunch of extra water, after all your skin is waterproof ;)