ABDG TUESDAY GLOW   December 13, 2011 at 8:36pm


This league has become something really special for me. Lots of -5 and -4s for me and lots of +10s and +15s too. But the best part is the friends I have made through this league. 246 people have signed up for this league 7 paid out aces for a total of $1068. and several other aces not paid out. We have battled Freezing rain, snow, Down pours, drunk wierdo's and Tyler and Jason's ability to clean out the ace pot multiple times. But we always have a great turn out and tons of FUN!!! So, I would like to say thanks by giving out a bunch of prizes. the finals will be held DEC.27 at Rockwood at 6:00. We will start things off with a Ring of fire at hole 3. Then we will play 9 holes and then go to Vance and play another 9 holes. for a total of 18. Everybody is encouraged to bring thier ABDG tags and I will pay everyone $5 if they play a tag lower than 25. Everybody is welcome to join us. And the league will NOT be ending! Thanks everybody for the fun.