CADGL 2012   December 13, 2011 at 9:26am

Payout and ace pool

Event payout will be announced before the event after registration is complete. For events where there are seven players or less, it's winner take all. Payout for events with a field of eight or more players will be split 2/3 of pot to winner and 1/3 to second place. Payout in doubles play is like that of singles, except instead of seven players or less for winner take all, it's seven teams or less, and so on. Members of paid teams are to split their winnings 50/50.
Ace pool: If a player scores a 1 in league play he will receive 75% of total pool until pool reaches $50. Once the pool reaches $50, payout to an ace pool winner would then be 50% of the total pool.
If a player throwing California style gets an ace on the first throw, then regular payout applies. If, however an ace is made on the second throw, the player will receive 1/2 of what regular payout would be.