Bad Ace Travelling Winter Handicap Series   November 14, 2011 at 9:38pm

Standings as of 11/12/11

Click the link below for standings!!!

After 1 event is in the books... Salem is running away with this thing! Chris Wilcox almost scored a perfect 100, but Stinky came through with a solid second round! The Handicap listed is what will be used on your first round at the next event, Carlton. I promise I am not sandbagging, as many of you know i throw with one finger, which is stupid, especially if you sprain that finger trying to throw a NUKE OS as hard as you can. So the rest of you... whats your excuse :nahnah: That was some brutal wind, but as always true to BAD ACE form, no rain!!! See you all at Carlton on the 26th, and if you would like the complete spreadsheets, I will happily email them to you, just send me a message and your email in case I dont have it. Stay tuned for more updates as they are available.