Steve's Super Safari 2011   October 18, 2011 at 7:08am

October 17th Safari Results

Just so everyone knows the site wouldn't let me manually type in the names of people who aren't members of the Disc Golf Scene in the results column. Ryan Bauer's partner was Justin Garrison; Lori Mullen's partner was Doug Watson and Derek Bonner's partner was Brent Sickel.

I also could not enter 'Safari' as the course layout because it would not pop up in the pull down menu (so instead it says front 9).

And last, but not least...... Congratulations to the two aces. Lori Mullen and Jeff Schropp hit the monster hole #9 to basket #10, splitting $46. Good job.

Hopefully see you all next Monday on the 24th. And don't forget tee off at 5:30.