Wickham Tuesday Handicap League   September 23, 2011 at 1:28am

Results w/Handicap for 9/20/11

Overcast but it stayed dry throughout the round.
10 players all for $

Ace Pot-1 $200 Ace Pot-2 $139 Party fund $85 (for the last week of league the only Ace Pot will be $250 the rest of the fund will be going towards the end of season party following league that night)

Course fund $467 (new tee or basket somewhere?)

CTP Hole 16 Jesse Graphic novels from BUC

I will try to have multiple CTP's for the last week, donations are always welcome.

The Winners

1st Todd L 55-7=48 $35
2nd/3rd Mullen 56-6=50 Mange-no-mo (at least for one week) 57-7=50 $7 each with the extra $1 going into the course fund.

----just out of $ Grgr 51 with HC-----------------


2/4 jesse 54
5/25 grgr 54
*/* todd 55
13/31 mullen 56
15/42 jj 56
16/62 ditterman 57
32/84 alto 58
44/95 nick c 58
54/110 claydog 64
64/122 buc 72

Big thanks to Todd,BUC and Alto for helping out after league.

As previously posted next week is going to be the swan song for the 2011 Wick HC season. We will be having a post league party at Marco's starting sometime btw 7:00-30. If you are coming to the party but not to league, please post here so I know how much food to pre-order. Even if the Ace Pot is hit on the last night of league we are going to have plenty of funds to have a blast at Marco's afterwards.

Hope to see a good turnout for league and a better turnout for the party!!!!!!