Wickham Tuesday Handicap League   September 22, 2011 at 8:56pm

Results w/Handicap for 8/9/11

Overcast,light rain,medium rain,light rain, extremly heavy rain.

12 players all playing for $

Ace Pot 1 $200
Ace Pot 2 $87
Party fund $72 (+ left over Ace Pot $, for a max of $200 or so with the rest going into course fund.

Course Fund +$12 from fee, & $10 from mange players=$22

CTP hole 4 Black ACT Wizard putter-B-Carter donated by Ben K
CTP hole 17 Black XL Inova shirt-Mullen donated by Lick-o-mange
CTT hole 3 No name beat up L&F Beast-Kylie donated by Wick L&F

The winners
1st ben k 64-11=53 $35
2nd kylie 69-15=54 $15
3rd place donated back to the course by the mange brothers Lick-o-mange and mange-o-matic for posting a sh*tty score and still cashing.

Tags and scores

2/4 grgr 58
8/28 mullen 63
14/45 mike b 65
19/63 zack b 65
24/68 mange-o-matic 66
26/74 lick-o-mange 67
31/* ben k 64 :oops:
35/84 eroc 68
38/* kylie 69
59/* m sheppard
62/125 b carter 73
69/* dustin 72 :oops:

As you can see the tags were pretty messed up last night. By the time I started doing tags my paper was really wet and I had a really hard time reading it. I had thought Ben shot of 67 and Dustin over 73 (eventhough he was in my group and part of my brain knew he shot 72, I guess not the part doing tags. My apologies to Ben and Dustin and anyone else who might have received the wrong tag.

After going to the source it was determined that Ben K experimented on several occasions when his round was in the sh*tter. He thought it was only a couple of times, but it seems to me that it might have been a few more. To rectify this oversight on Bens part, any score over 70 on the short course (which turned out to be 4) was dropped from his HC. This reduced his HC 3 strokes, therefore 3 strokes were also taken off his HC on the 3 other layouts.

If Ben feels his winning last week was in error he has the option of donating the $40 to the course fund or next weeks payout. His 1st place finish this week in my mind was fair and square.

Thanks for coming out in the rain, hope to see y'all again next week.

-mange in all his glory