Vienna Sunday Dubs   September 6, 2011 at 11:12pm

September Arrives... with Osh in the lead.

We move into the 9th month of the year, which means that 2/3 of 2011 is over. And with 2/3 of the year over the lead is held by Dave J. O'Shea, by a solid 20-odd point margin over Ron P. Gravelle. Woj is hard charging and sitting suddenly in 3rd place, but has finished his season in the Michigan Ohio Border region.

This week saw Woj draw the cali chip and drop a 43 (-11) on the course, holding off Dave O'Shea and Chris Hoyle's very solid 46 (-8). Next week the field will move to the short tees with an ace pool that has once more climbed over the $200 threshold. Vienna Park is ripe for one more major ace in 2011! Show up and take your shots.