2011 Tuesday Twos   August 24, 2011 at 9:01pm

Finals Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who made 2011 such a fun and memorable season. We had 181 players who played at least once, and five "Ironman" players who were there every week: Luis Nava, Andrew Nava, Matt Schroeder, Kevin Brito, and Cashly Herman.

The finals were on a hot and humid night with very little wind. Three teams shot -16 and settled the tie with a CTP throwoff from an alternate teepad to hole one. Steve Ellis and Scott Hill prevailed in the throwoff and are the 2011 Tuesday Twos champions!

Scott Hill / Steve Ellis -16
Albert Ricker / Crist Garcia -16
Kent Smothers / Andrew Nava -16
Steve Gelhar / Roy Black -15
Craig Falkowski / Dave Clement -15
Ben Gookin / Dan Luke -14
James McMillan / Luis Nava -14
Matt Schroeder / Kevin Brito -12.

In the "Best of the Rest" pool, Chris Kuhlman and Eric Ediger shot -16 for the win thanks, in part, to Eric's ace on hole 5.

Chris Kuhlman / Eric Ediger -16
Jacob Rogers / Bruce Fisher -14 (Jacob aced the CTP throw-off)
Xander Waibel / Mark Eiles -14
Tyler Payne / Giacamo Dore -13
Kevin O'Brien / Chris Hill -13
Tim Sweeny / Sam Agee -13
Karl Denfeld / Matt Kasey -12
James Seaman / James Szlavich -11
Sara Reeves / Greg Schiller -10
Michell Nava / Eric Holman -10
Jason Gallion-Ackley / Jeff Reid -10
Connor Schloff / Andre Fredrick -6
Kim Smothers / John Mai -5
Julie Ediger / John Nava -5
Vincent Davis / Jeff Torrence -4
Aaron Speer / Matthew Hill -2

Eric Ediger aced hole 5.
Kevin Brito aced hole 1.
Eric and Kevin split the 48 ace pot.
The Next Adventure Random Ace of the night was hole 9.

Thanks to our great sponsors this year: Next Adventure, Rainy Day Games, Stumptown Disc Golf, The Chick Flick, Jeff Larson, and everyone who donated a CTP prize throughout the season.

See you next year!