2011 Bay court Doubles   July 29, 2011 at 7:50am

We are back!

I will be posting scores from the past 3 weeks here in the near future. Anyone who didn't hand in their score cards of course will not have their scores added. So needless to say make sure I get all of the score cards at the end of the day.

CHANGES - The ace pool will be paying out in full this year.
- There is now a $2 buy in for the ace pool.
- I will be implementing safari holes every other week to keep things fresh.
- We'll be meeting near hole #1 seeing that the pavilion has been taken every Sunday thus far.

Everything else is the same. $5 buy in for 2 rounds of random draw doubles. The league will run until they remove the baskets for the winter. Hope to see you out there!