2011 Tuesday Twos   May 25, 2011 at 4:04pm

Week 6

Wow. There was some serious hot shooting at Orchard Park this week.

Congratulations to Albert Ricker and Cashly Herman who shot -17 and took home first place. As the first female to be on the winning team this year, Cashly wins a spot in this year's Chick Flick on August 13-14 at Horning's Hideout.

Just how hot was the shooting this week? Last week, -14 down would have won. This week, it was good enough for last cash. Last week, -10 was last cash. This week, -10 would have put you in 17th place. There were only two scores higher than -10 and the highest score of the night was -7. I'd have to go back and look at past years, but those may both be TT records.

Oh yeah, there were some aces, too.
Albert Ricker, Hole 2
Albert Ricker, Hole 9
Chris Graham, Hole 7
James Szlavich, Hole 5

We rolled $37 from last week into this weeks ace pot ($38) for $75. I added $5.00 to make it an easily dividable $80, meaning each ace was worth $20.

Hole 1 - Discraft Hat donated by Craig Nielsen: Randy Hamlin with a Champion Rhino
Hole 3 - Star Monster donated by Rainy Day Games: Zac Beltz with a Whippet
Hole 5 - Discraft Magnet donated by Stumptown Disc Golf: James Szvalich with a Valkyrie
Hole 7 - Larson Suprise (two drink cozies and a package of orange crayons): Chris Graham with a Warlock.

The Rainy Day Games secret score this week was -4 and wasn't claimed.
The Next Adventure random ace hole was hole 4 and wasn't claimed.

A big thanks goes out to our week 6 sponsors: Rainy Day Games, Next Adventure, Stumptown Disc Golf, The Chick Flick, Jeff Larson, and Craig Nielsen.

See you next week!