DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2011   April 14, 2011 at 12:00am

The Michigan Cooperative Point Series League begins this Sunday (4/17)

The Sun is out, temperatures rising and summer leagues are springing up and the Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer is ready to kick off again. Sunday April 17th through Saturday August 13th

The points calculation has been tweaked this season based on all the feedback but the core is the same. The changes just narrow the point spread and encourage the new or smaller leagues. It should make for a more exciting summer season.

Remember the MiCPS automatically uses your best TWO rounds at any participating leagues in a given week (Sunday to Saturday). Highlighted League of the Week (HLW) have double points so check the MiCPS-Summer 2011 schedule and look for the highlighted leagues that say "Double Points". It's a great time to travel and play the different leagues; see other courses, play them with the local players and these tend to be the larger league rounds so there are more points for everyone who plays.

Summer Aces are worth 25 points.

There is no Final Event for points - so if you can't travel you are not penalized. All points come from regular scheduled league rounds - play as often as you can to maximize you point potential!!!

There will be some other enhancements and benefits as the season goes along - so get out and have some fun in your regular league and make it out to play the many awesome Michigan courses that we have and experience the different leagues that we have access to - Michigan is an awesome Disc Golf State. You may even win a berth to the MDGO Michigan State Championship through your play in the MiCPS-S.