ABDG TUESDAY GLOW   January 13, 2011 at 4:50am

We are crazy

Tons of wind and Icy rain can't keep the glow doggies away. We had a lot of 7's on our score card...... (11 to be exact.) However the most memerable 6 was Shawn's 8 foot put that banged of the basket and went rolling 80 or 90 feet away. And honerable mention was, Nicoles up shot that hit a tree 40 feet out and came back to the exact, origional lie? Hahaha, I laughed extra hard on that one. anyways, 2 extra points if you got pnemonia, just fax me the doctors note to 1-800-ICE-GOLF extension: IcantFEELmyFINGERSandMYballsAREnumb