Ypsi Dubs 2010/11 Winter League -={Church}=- Sundays   December 16, 2010 at 3:19am

Ypsi Dubs League Pool - What the heck is that???

For the MiCPS Winter 2010/11 Grand Finale Ypsi Dubs will have "League Pool"

This is money that will be available for players that have qualified for the Ypsi Dubs League Pool. How do I qualify? you may ask. For all players that play 5 regular Ypsi Dubs league rounds before March 19th will be eligible to compete for these additional funds, against just those from Ypsi Dubs that qualified and that are playing in the MiCPS-W Grand Finale. It's kind of like a side game but based on your performance during the same event but only compared to those from this league. A little extra competition, a little extra excitement, and a little extra money...

The Ypsi Dubs League Pool starts at $100 and we will be adding to it all season long based on participation without any increase in fees - Happy Holidays... Check the News Posts to see the latest League Pool Total.

OK It's $100 for now like I said above ;-)

Get out and play in the snow!!!!