CCR Putting League   October 28, 2010 at 2:51am


Ok.. After three weeks of trying to figure out a format.. I have finally decided that what we are gonna play is a two round elimination bracket.. Teams will be drawn with cards off the bat and be matched in order of draw.. It will be $4 a person ($3 of which will go to the winner and a $1 will go to the pot). Also for every air ball you have throughout the night you will have to put a $.25 in the pot (the max for the night is $2). We will pay first and second if there is only six or less teams if we get more we will be paying third place and so on depending on our turnouts. After the first tourney is over we will redraw partners and do a whole other two round elimination bracket. The pot money will all be kept aside and will be saved to pay at the end of the year based on points and standings (still haven't decided how I am going to payout yet on this but will figure it out). I think this format will speed up the night since we have 6 baskets now and make it so we can get more games in and that means more chances to win and also more points a person can score in a night (and thats what its all about the points anyways).