Little Arms   September 22, 2010 at 10:20pm

Lil Arms gets hip!

So the new buzzz if you will around the disc golf world is glowing. Well, being as saavy as we are here at Brys, we will now be running a small night dubs round to follow immediately after standard league play. This will be a chance for some more money winners each week, and for league points. If the interest is there, an ace pool as well as ctp may start.

ATTN Players: Oct 5th league play

We will be playing partners worst the week of the 5th. This will stand for tee shots only, if someone makes a putt for two, the duece will count. Aces will count for ace pool, but not for score unless both of you make it. This is two weeks away. I will be more than happy to field questions about this format for anyone who has them. Send me a message on the scene or catch me at the park. Keep those putts up guys.