Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer   September 9, 2010 at 11:45pm

MICPS GRAND FINALE - Registration now active

MICPS GRAND FINALE - Registration now active

Just want to get the word out that registration is now OPEN for the point series grand finale.

Please go here to register:

Please go here for more information:

You only have until September 25 to register for this event!! It is easy, should only take 10 minutes. Get the word out to you local league players that this is going to be one huge Michigan disc golf party!!

Congratulations! You are a part of disc golf history. This is the largest cooperative league in the history of the game, and now we are going to cap it all off with a grand finale. YES, your points are actually going to be worth some cash!

To be eligible for the Grand Finale your name MUST be on the leaderboard here:
In other words, you must have played at least one MICPS league round and have a profile on discgolfscene.

Entry into the MICPS Summer 2010 Grand Finale is $35 and here is what that will get you:

**Morning Doubles Round: All competitors in the Grand Finale will be playing in and eligible for a cash payout for the first round. If you are dead last in points but win the first round you will get a nice payout. The points for this round will carry over as the LAST points earning round for the summer 2010 session. The points for the morning doubles round will have a FOUR (4x) multiplier. THIS IS HUGE. THIS ROUND CAN AND WILL AFFECT THE FINAL POINT STANDINGS.

**Player Pack: All competitors in the final event will receive a limited edition MICPS T-shirt to commemorate this historic occasion. Please indicate shirt size when you register.

**Points Payouts:
If you are near the top in total points then you will be eligible for an additional payout. The table below shows how many places will be paid out, it all depends on total turnout to the final event.

Turnout to Grand Finale
50 players = Top 20 in points
100 players = Top 40 in points
150 players = Top 60 in points
200 players = Top 80 in points
250 players = Top 100 in points
300 players = Top 120 in points
350 players = Top 140 in points

...and so on. The more people we get the deeper the payouts. You are required to play in the final event to be eligible for the points payouts.

**Final 9:
The top 10 in points in attendance at the Grand Finale will be showcasing the skills that put them there in a 9 hole skins match. The 10 finalists will be grouped together as 5 doubles teams. Skin payout to be announced. Grouping will be determined by the TD.

**After Party:
After the event is complete at Independence Lake, the after party will begin at the legendary FARM HOUSE. Free camping Saturday night, live music, drinks will be GOIN DOWN at the Farm House. Oh, and did we mention there is an 18 hole golf course on the property? Bring your glow discs! If you would like to camp then please contact Tim Gacioch (http://www.discgolfscene.com/profile/3125) to coordinate. Reservations are not needed but will ensure you the best spots. Address: 6530 Park Road. Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Final Event Details

Date: Saturday October 16, 2010
Locations: Independence Lake County Park
(More courses may be added, this is all based on turnout)

All players must pre-register online in advance of the Grand Finale. There will be no "day of" registration. We are doing this to ensure a smooth and fair and fun final event. We need to make sure we have the courses reserved and the right number of player packs. Registration closes 11:59 PM on September 25th, 2010. Pre-registration will begin soon and an announcement will be sent out.