Vienna Sunday Dubs   July 28, 2010 at 5:14am

Dave O'Shea Cruises Into the lead!

Before the round even started all the talk was 5 holes being moved, #13 being completely cleared out and #13 having a COMPLETELY new pin placement.

With RPGII M.i.a Due to responsibilites (like a job)
Osh took advantage shooting HOT througout the day.
After an Hour wait for the last group Chrisrob & Whitehead came in tied On playoff hole 1, hole #9, both players had a Great Drive but still wer'e out 20ft.
(Crob near Aced it!)
Chris Hoyle stepped up & placed his drive within 10 feet, Both Crob and Whitehead came up short on ther 20footer ending the playoff.
Come out next week for the Short tee's!