2010 Cass Monday Night Leagues   July 21, 2010 at 9:12pm

Cass Update 7/21/2010

The Maintenance Department was quick to respond to our call about the basket on hole 1. There's a new basket installed already. We will be keeping in close contact with them for now on.

With further note, it seems this has brought up some other issues that needed to be fixed with the park. There was a crew working on the road/bridge next to hole 12 (swamp monster). This includes new concrete drainage tubes so hopefully it will not collapse again. Also, they've trimmed trees on hole 12 and are draining some of the flooded areas on the hole itself.

This gives me great hope that the course may become a higher priority to the Wayne County Parks & Recs. The head of the maintenance department wants to be involved with the club again, like it was when the course was originally created.

They are also aware now, that not maintaining the course has created nooks and crannies that make it feel like a safe haven for underage drinking.